Silk Road Spice Company

About Us

Founded by the Cologne Family in 1992, Silk Road Spice Company is a specialized distributor devoted to offering high quality, fresh spices in bulk. As a very focused and organized business, Silk Road works with overseas distributors to bring the finest spices that are packed fresh daily. Our company is pleased to offer bulk quantities of affordable and specialty spices, including allspice, the cardamoms, and saffron threads.

Located in Detroit, Michigan, we have the capabilities to ship our spices worldwide. From allspice to za’atar and everything in between, let Silk Road Spice Company be your premiere specialty spice importer. Please see our spice list for a glimpse of what we carry; for prices and pack sizes available contact us to place an order. We look forward to hearing from you soon!

100% Guaranteed, shipped VIA UPS